Wilderness Mind: Dissolving Duality


Marie Cenkner is a visual artist currently living in Los Angeles. She received her BFA from the State University of New York at Buffalo as a Regents Scholar and then began her graduate studies at the University of Illinois, Carbondale. The following year she was awarded a Creative and Performing Arts Fellowship at the University of Illinois, Champaign, and received her MFA there in 1969. Cenkner finished her formal education at the Chicago Art Institute in 1971.

While teaching college in Chicago, Cenkner was introduced to film animation and was immediately hooked on this time-based art form. She spent the next 25 years working in all aspects of animation fully using her training in sculpture, painting, printmaking and photography. She has juried animation for the Chicago International Film Festival, Facets Chicago International Children's Film Festival and Siggraph as well as conducting workshops/ lectures at several educational institutions including Oxbow Art Colony, University of Chicago, Rochester Institute of Technology and Columbia College, Chicago.

Cenkner is currently focusing her talents exclusively in fine arts. She uses the camera to record her highly personal interaction with her ever-changing perception of reality.